Move Kinetic Taping Originates In The Science Of Movement, Based On The Belief That The Body’S Muscles Are Responsible For The Movements Of And In The Body As Well As Being In Control Of Other Elements, Such As Circulation Of The Blood And Body Temperature.

As A Result Of This, When Muscles Fail Or Are Impaired Other Parts Of The Body Are Necessarily Effected, Thus Putting Their Function At Risk. The Principle Of Move Kinetic Tape Is To Treat The Muscles To Help The Body Heal Itself Naturally.

Move Kinetic Taping Is Rehabilitation Cum Protective Use Of Stretchable Move Kinetic Tapes To Provide Reduction Of Pain, Enhancing Performance, Preventing Injuries, Support To The Joints, Repositioning Of Structure As Well As For Fascial And Ligamentous Correction. It Facilitate The Healing Process While Providing Full Range Of Motion With Support To The Joints Supportive Structures As Well As Providing Mobilization Effects.

Move Kinetic Tapes Is A First Tape In World To Be Formed By Menthol, Arnica And 98% Acrylic Glue, Which Is A Hypo Allergic Substance Making It Suitable For Application To All The Individuals. The Acrylic Glue Is Masked On The Tape In A Fixed Sine Wave Pattern.

The Cotton Tape Is Woven Such Like That It Can Only Be Stretched In A Particular Longitudinal Direction, And Not In A Transverse Direction, This Specific Acrylic Design Helps In Using The Tape To Increase Or Decrease The Muscle Tone As Well As For Functional Correction, The Energy Stored In The Tape On Stretching Is Only Used In One Direction, Which Decreases The Wasting Of Energy.

When The Tape Is Stretched It Stores The Potential Energy, Now Due To Its Ability To Stretch And Recoil In Longitudinal Manner, All The Potential Energy Is Used In A Specific Direction, Minimizing The Energy Loss As Well As Increasing The Efficacy Of The Tapes.