The HUMAN body is a complex system that is always self-organizing & consists of BONES, LIGAMENTS, TENDONS, MUSCLES, ORGANS, NERVES, CARTILAGE, ARTERIES, VEINS.

WE have hundreds of muscles throughout your body that all pull different directions. Each muscle has one or more antagonist muscles that pull in the opposite direction. Much of the time, one of these muscles is too stiff, the other is too weak, or both.

A good PHYSIOTHERAPIST (Physical Therapist) can help locate these impairments so you know exactly what you need to work on.

OUR treatments are now much more movement-based. We no longer rely solely on an x-ray or MRI to tell us what you have going on – we look at how you move. This tells us what impairments you may have – weakness in certain muscles, tightness in others, joint stiffness – that might change your posture and cause you to perform functional movements in a way that may not be optimal.