The Advanced Frease Device Is Manufactured In Uk And Specially Designed To Cause True Cryostimulation (Tcs) Treatment. Tcs Has A Natural Analgesic Effect On The Anatomy, Therefore The Feeling Of Pain Is Significantly Reduced Post Treatment. Lower Levels Of Pain Encourage Natural Movement. Increasing The Strength And Flexibility Of Joints And Bones Is Key To Increase The Metabolic Processes. Tcs Helps The Animal To Move, Exercise And Therefore Strengthen The Muscle And Joints To Have A Faster And Stronger Recovery To Fitness. Frease Uses Liquid Co2 To Achieve The Tcs Which Is -78°C And 50 Bar Pressure. This Enables The Animal Receptors To Respond Accordingly To Provide Quick Relief And Faster Recovery For Many Injuries And Conditions.

Frease Releases A Combination Of Physiological Reactions:

  • Analgesic Effect
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effect
  • Vasomotor Effect
  • Myorelaxant Effect